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Forbes: 10 Ways To Ensure Compatibility With Potential Brokerage Partners

ACME’s Courtney Poulos is featured in this article from Forbes.

Finding a partner can be an intimidating challenge for real estate brokers considering opening their own brokerage firm. On one hand, a partner can take on some of the burden that comes with starting a new business, even lending their unique skills and experience throughout the process. On the other hand, the wrong partner choice can spell trouble down the road once the business has been established and making changes becomes difficult.

The right partner can make or break a brokerage’s future success. That’s why steps must be taken to ensure compatibility with each prospective partner. To help, a panel of Forbes Biz Council members below offer recommendations on how to make sure you and your potential brokerage partner are compatible.

Be Aligned On The Long-Term Plan

Business partners must have the same cultural core values, recruitment style, management ethos and long-term vision for the brand and company. Taking time to evaluate strengths and weaknesses early on will help save time and headaches down the road. Create milestones for revisiting the master plan periodically so neither partner feels stuck on an unexpected course. Symbiotic vision is key. – Courtney Poulos, ACME Real Estate

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