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Catch a glimpse of the Magic Players working out at the RDV Sportsplex, enjoy a film festival at the Enzian Theater, play tennis at Lake Minnehaha, or browse the farmers market around Lake Lily on Sundays. Although a fairly small town, in Maitland, there is a lot to do and organizations to get involved in, if you are up for it.

Many locals tend to confuse Maitland and Winter Park, since they are very close in proximity and events, schools and people tend to overlap.

Condos of all years and sizes face Orlando Ave/Mills, which is in the process of a quaint restoration, bringing a classic feel back to the road. Homes are rich in heritage, but plenty of renovated gems and casually elegant lakefront properties. Also, if you are one of those who actually enjoy fixing up places yourself, you and your toolset can most likely find a charming home to suit your makeover fancy as well. While you are it, my house isn’t too far away…

There are also plenty of parks, an art Center, museums and a Jewish Community Center to spend time with the family.

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