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If you enjoy “being one with nature,” Oviedo may be your dream town. Epitomizing Seminole County’s tag line, “Florida’s Natural Choice,” Oviedo provides a seemingly endless amount of sports, recreation and outdoors activities that bring you close to nature.

Butterfly encounters, airboat tours, a cattle ranch, rock climbing, or even a run in with one of the downtown chickens is just a small taste of what you can expect in Oviedo.

Incorporated in 1925, the City of Oviedo is situated in the most southeastern portion of Seminole County. Although Oviedo has an array of shopping centers like the Oviedo Marketplace and a community Aquatic Center, the city is currently planning a brand new downtown development just south of the current “old downtown” along Oviedo Blvd. The new town center will be including town homes, single family living, apartment homes, restaurants, retail, and a planned amphitheater.

Oviedo is in close proximity to the University of Central Florida, so you get the benefit of being close to the area’s college bars/restaurants and main anchors like Waterford Lakes while avoiding with major congestion areas.

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